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Open House at the Farm
Always the first Sunday
14:00 h - 17:00 h.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the farm »Home for Animals«?

It lies in a very beautiful landscape, surrounded by nature, embedded in a gentle hollow, surrounded by wooded areas and – what is most important – in a quiet, remote area far from the main roads. (At the edge of South Spessart). You may receive precise instructions for reaching us upon request.

Can one pay a visit to the farm »Home for Animals«?

Our Farm Sanctuary is not a zoo. Several times a year we have an open house when we are glad to have you visit. Appointments can be made for groups and school classes. Individual tours are also possible by appointment.

May school classes tour the farm?

School classes are always welcome by appointment. We can also send interested teachers a video about our farm beforehand.

Can someone do practical training for school or profession at your farm?

Yes, occupational training as an animal caretaker. Practical training within the framework of the "Ecological Year".

What kind of animals live at the farm?

About 200 animals of various kinds have their home at the farm: horses, donkeys, cows, Scottish highland cows, lamas, alpacas, wild pigs, foxes, pot-bellied pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, peacocks, geese, ducks, chickens, doves, hedgehogs, bees. For some animals we have pictures and have written their fate's path. Pictures and stories about the animals can be found here.

Why does every animal on the »Home for Animals« have a name?

Because we respect each animal as an individual personality. See "You, the Animal ..." (Chapter 14)

Why do at least two animals always live together?

Like people, animals love communication. This is why one should consider taking two or more second neighbors instead of just one.
See also in “You, the Animal ...” (Chapter 14)

Why don’t the horses and donkeys on your farm wear shoes?

Because animals living in nature don’t wear shoes either.

How is »Home for Animals« financed?

From: individual contributions, patron memberships, animal sponsorships (adopt an animal program /animal adoptions), project contributions, inheritances, as well as contributions from the firm Good for Animals mail-order business.

Details of financing and contributions

Does Home for Animals provide receipts for contributions for tax purposes?

Yes, Home for Animals is a non-profit association registered in Germany and can provide written receipts for contributions, which you can include with your German tax form. Please consult us for any questions.

How I can contribute?

See here.

How can one help?
How should I act when animals are mistreated?

When you observe, for example, that:

Then you should watch for the following.

Is anyone allowed to hunt on my own property?

Presently a number of landowners all over Germany are filing complaints against compulsory membership in a hunting co-cooperative and thus, against the practice of a bloody leisure-time activity on their own property.

This legal process has made it through the European Court in Strassburg! Other countries have already adapted their laws to it. But Germany not yet! This was the status in May 2005.

What to do when house pets are shot by hunters.

Every year ca. 400,000 house pets (cats, dogs) are killed or injured by hunters only in Germany. Do the right thing! In writing, witnesses ...

Are hunters animal protectors?

The language of the hunter-dialect tries to cover up the cruelty toward animals with nice words.

Also see our Articles.

What do you think about the life of animals?

Who is the one who vivifies matter? Who is the one who gives breath to humans and animals?
May humans take someone’s breath? Don’t we know the Ten Commandments? You shall not kill!

Also see our Articles.

What does God say about the animals, about life?

God Himself as well as Jesus constantly conveyed the life to the people out of love for all Being. See text from Genesis (story of Creation) and from a revelation by God.

Factory farming and its consequences for world food

Anyone who has a logical mind and wants to keep the future of mankind worthy of living can no longer accept the unlimited waste and pollution of water and soil.

The ecological consequences of factory farming.

Is it sensible to buy animals from breeders or animal shops?

No, it is better to buy them from animal shelters or animal protection organizations, because there are more than enough animals that have been abandoned by their owners or given up due to circumstances. This is especially true of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters ...

What is terran food?

A way of eating in which the plants are not killed. It is a diet that includes perennial plants, fruits, nuts ...

Details on terran food

Physical, ecological or spiritual vegetarian?

According to the individual's attitude:

Can a person feed dogs and cats with a vegetarian diet?

In terms of a healthy diet, the same holds true for animals as for humans. When one pays attention to a few guidelines, one can live a vegetarian or vegan life with no problems. It is long known that vegetarians live a healthier and longer life, and the same is true for a vegetarian diet for dogs, for instance.

If you have further questions to us, then please contact us via Email or give us a call under telephone +49 9398/998955.


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